Exciting features of the new Echo Plus

The new Echo Plus is the newest inclusion in the Echo lineup offered by Amazon. Interestingly enough, the new Echo Plus does not go overboard when compared with its predecessors. Let us look at some of its ergonomic and technical specifications and features in brief:

A fresh new short and stout Echo iteration
Yes, the newest edition in Amazon’s arsenal of smart home devices, Echo Plus is comparatively smaller than the original Echo. It is 9.3 inches high and 3.3 wide. This feature helps Echo blend comfortably into the surroundings better than its previous iterations.

Six new unique skins
Apart from the diversified feature set, Amazon has created the new second generation Echo Plus to suit the different taste of styles of different customers. The appearance has a wide range of styles ranging from cloth-wrapped options to the sturdy-looking metal grate facades, it is an eye-catching device for customers of all tastes.

A fresh new sound
You might be wrong if you thought Amazon has only upgraded the aesthetics of Echo Plus. The newest edition in the Echo family has got a multi-room audio. This feature lets you stream music from multiple devices from different rooms. This gives the huge advantage as it lets you create a connected network of a number of Echo devices. This particular feature had been a request of tech geeks from all around the world and Amazon sure delivered it with its newest iteration.

Echo’s multi-pack
The triple-pack of the new Echo Plus is a pretty slick deal, as purchasing the Echo bundle makes it slightly cheaper rather than buying the speakers separately. This comes in handy when it is offering the feature of Multi-room Audio.

Array of mics
The new Echo Plus comes with a whopping 7 microphones that are outfitted in such a way that the device is capable of hearing commands from a variety of angle. This comes in handy with the device’s ability to pair with the smartphones and sync with Alexa-enabled gadgets for basic smart home control. The wide array of microphones allows the device to interpret voice commands more efficiently.