5 Popular Prebiotic Supplements to Choose From

The human gut is colonized by several beneficial bacterial species and these microbes provide multiple benefits to us by synthesizing vitamins and fatty acids. A prebiotic substrate promotes the growth of beneficial gut microbes. A few prebiotic substrates are inulin, oligofructose, and fructooligosaccharides. Prebiotics are a mixture of natural fiber and other growth-promoting substances such as oligosaccharides. They selectively favor the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.Interestingly, human digestive enzymes cannot digest prebiotics and thus, the prebiotic substrates are available to gut microbes and help feed the good bacteria in the body. In fact, the fibers found in bananas, garlic, and leeks can also act as a prebiotic.

Due to several health benefits of prebiotics, they are now increasingly being used by people. A list of some of the best prebiotic supplements available in the market is presented below:

Dr. Formulated Organic Fiber
This prebiotic supplement uses fiber from five different sources namely apple, orange, cranberry, acacia, and baobab to provide the best conditions for the growth of good bacteria. These ingredients also curb hunger and thus are a good option for people who want to lose some extra pounds.

Hyperbiotics Prebiotic
Hyperbiotics Prebiotic is available in a powder form and is a mixture of fiber extracted from Jerusalem artichoke, acacia, and green banana flour. This is one of the best prebiotic supplements as it uses fiber from several plant sources and helps in the growth of different types of bacterial species.

Dr. Tobias GutMeister Ultimate Prebiotic
This prebiotic supplement offered by Dr. Tobias uses a patented formulation to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria. This formulation selectively inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, thus reducing the competition for food and space for beneficial bacteria. Moreover, the side effects of fiber-rich prebiotics such as bloating and gas can be completely avoided.

Prebiotin uses oligosaccharides from the inulin plant and is available in a powder form. Oligosaccharides promote the growth of probiotic bacteria as these are long-chain sugars. The fiber also works synergistically with oligosaccharides work to boost the growth of bacteria.

Genesis Today Superfood Fiber
This prebiotic supplement offered by Genesis Today is again one of the best prebiotic supplements available. It includes fiber from several sources and contains fruit and vegetable extracts as well.

A range of the best prebiotic supplements is available in the market. However, you must start using them only after consulting an expert as the requirements of a prebiotic can vary from person to person.